10 Best Coolers/ Ice Chests Review & Comparison 2020 for Camping- High Retention

Top 10 Best Portable ICE Retention COOLER Review and Comparison 2020


Rugged, High-end, Chest & Rotomolded coolers list 2020

Overall Best: Pelican Elite 50 Qt Cooler Review

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Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler product made in the USA and pelican is the most popular brand name in the world for a long time. If you are planning to go to an outside campaign, then you must buy this product because it helps to keep your ice cube more than three days without draining. The product made to use high-quality material, and it has excellent durability. Especially if you are always doing outdoor adventure events, then this Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler should be in your vehicle.

The products come with sturdy molded handles so that you can transport it easily. The product has a built-in bottle opener and cup holders too.

The most important thing is Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler is a waterproof product. It is not leaked or drain water and helps to keep your ice cube for more than three days. The product price is reasonable and competitive comparing other products.

Pelican Elite 50 Qt Cooler is perfect for Camping or Hiking, Road trips, RVs as well as Boating or Fishing. The special thing is, Pelican coolers are made in the USA and it gives you Life Time Warranty.

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1st Runners-up: Orca 40 Qt Coolers Review

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The roto-molded construction of this cooler ensures stability and durability, it is 100% made in the USA thus the company gives lifetime warranty for the cooler showing the trust the company has for the product itself. Orca comes with a flexible handle for easy transport. The cooler can store food items and keep their freshness for up to 10 days which makes it perfect for long road trips. This is thanks to the integrated insulation, full lid gasket inside the cooler, and the heavy-duty rubber latch in the shape of a whale’s tale. Additionally, the orca has a mesh behind it for extra storage that can be handy during road trips and outings. The cooler has inner dimensions of 19*11.75*11 inches which can store up 40 quarts of items.

However, the outer dimensions are 6 inches greater and weigh about 25lbs making it easy to maneuver. This can bear 50kg or more weight over and the presence of non-slip feet on the bottom helps it stay in place.

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2nd Runners-up: YETI Tundra 45 Qt Cooler Review

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YETI Tundra 45 is the best performing cooler currently in the market 2020, and it has a unique and eye-catching design. The product is lightweight, and it is near 25lbs weight. The product durability is excellent, and it is perfect for road trips, especially hot areas.

You can keep many foods perfectly using this YETI Tundra 45 Cooler and no need to precool. So if you want to keep any food in the cold, then this is the ideal product currently in the market. The price is much reasonable comparing other coolers. If you use this product, then you can keep ice cubes more than four days without draining.

You can keep this YETI Tundra 45 Cooler directly to the sunlight area. If you are riding a boat, you keep it on the front boat area without any matter. because cooler can keep your ice cube without a draining. If you are wan to keep your ice cube cold, then this is the best product, so order YETI Tundra 45 Cooler before your summer trip or camping.

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Best ROTOMOLDED 4: RTIC Cooler 45 Qt Cooler Review

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RTIC Cooler 45 qt is an excellent cooler in the market, and it is the best product if you are planning to camp in the hot zone areas. The product has a well-built handle, and it helps to transport quickly as well as it is non-slip cooler so you can use it for many purposes.

The most attractive part is there is no water leak. As you know, many ice coolers drain water, but this RTIC Cooler 45 qt work as a waterproof product.

RTIC Cooler 45 qt cooler has a unique design, and a single person can carry this product. When you are outside, you can use this as your beer table or your bench. Even if you are open the cooler always, it will help to keep ice for more than two days.

If you are planning to buy any cooler this summer, then RTIC Cooler 45 qt is the best product ever. It keeps ice more time and better for Camping or road trips.

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Engel ENG50  Cooler Review

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This Japan made cooler is in the market for more than half a century, it comes to the USA in 1999 and since then they have never looked back. The unit’s thick 2-inch insulation along with the arctic valve gasket boosts its ability to retain the coolness for up to 10 days, which is ideal for long road trips and adventures. the Roto-molded single form hardshell construction is ideal for rugged use and it is also certified under IBCS as a “Bear resistant cooler”.

The ENG50’s lid has latches made of stainless steel material for tight closure and the lid doubles as a casting deck, additionally the stainless steel latch points can be used as a bottle opener. The unit weighs a mere 24 lbs with a capacity of 48 quarts that can store up to 60 cans, this combined with strong rope handles with sturdy grips makes it easier to be manoeuvred. At the bottom, it has 4 non-marking cornerstone feet to keep it in place.

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Smaller ENGEL Coolers

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Rotomolded Budget Pic: Grizzly 40 Qt Cooler Review

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Grizzly 40 cooler is the USA made product with promising features. It has good retention of coolness for more than 5 days that makes it ideal for your jungle adventures. The cooler is made of rotationally molded LLDPE plastic with even thickness to achieve more durability even its lid hinges which are the most vulnerable part of any cooler has an interlocking hinge design for extra durability,

The insulation of this cooler is unique, it is pressure injected with 2 inches of Ecomate polyurethane foam to retain maximal coolness. This insulation is eco friendly because it has no global warming nor ozone depletion potential.

the cooler has dimensions of 25.5*16*15.38″  with a capacity of 40 quarts. This weighs 24lbs and comes with two sturdy side handles plus two rope handles creating versatility in handling the cooler.

The comes with dimensions of 19.5*10.5*11.75″ and is the same as most coolers in the market, but at the top, there is a separate compartment for keeping dry foods. Once the cooling is done the 2-inch drain plug will remove the liquids easily.

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Overall Budget Pic: Lifetime 55 Qt Cooler Review 

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Lifetime 55 Qt Cooler comes with a durable polyethene structure that can retain the coolness up to 7 days which is just sufficient for your wildlife adventure. The cooler is sturdy and durable making it more suitable for rugged use. Lifetime 55 Qt Cooler comes with latches made of rubber that can be opened with one hand at times when you exceed your carrying capacity.

The stainless steel bottle opener between the latches is an added benefit for camping trips. If you want to leave your valuables there is even a locking system placed on it. To the side, there is an easy to drain sprout to which even your garden hose can be attached.

The cooler comes in the dimensions of 22*13*13 ” with a 55-quart capacity which can easily store up to 50 cans with no hassle. The weight is around 24lbs and is equipped with flexible rope handles making it super easy to maneuver around. The rubber gasket comes attached to the body of the cooler itself.

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Siberian Alpha Pro 45 Cooler Review

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Siberian Alpha Pro 45 Cooler Also one of the best cooler in the market today. The tank-like cooler comes with thick 2.75-inch insulation for better cool retention for up to 6-8 days. The latches are made of heavy-duty anodized aluminium to withstand conditions ranging from extreme temperatures to corrosive seawater environments.

The hinges which are the most vulnerable part of any cooler is made of stainless steel. The well-built latches and hinges along with the thick insulation and sleek design make the cooler extremely versatile and indestructible. It is also IGBC certified bear-resistant. To the sides, there are flexible ropes for lifting the cooler, and the bottom is equipped with reversible feet which makes the cooler slide with ease or keep it still at the place.

It comes with a steel wire basket, a cup holder, and a divider. The wire basket can be used to place dry foods, then there is a whole space beneath the wire basket which can be further divided into 2 partitions using the divider. Additionally, it comes with a locking bracket in case you want to protect whatever you keep in the cooler.

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Igloo IMX 70 Qt Cooler Review

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The igloo coolers have been for around 70 years in the market making it one of the most trustworthy coolers. The ice chest cooler has a bulky appearance since it comes with dimensions of 35*20*22 inches. It weighs 30 lbs and may require more than one person to carry it when it is fully loaded making it less portable but, the maneuvering is made easy with the flexible and durable rope handles.

The rotomolded structure is built well for rugged use during outdoor activities. It can store ice up to 6-8 days, making it ideal for your jungle adventures. The cooler has high end designed latches in the shape of a whale’s tail, which can also be opened with ease.

Additionally, there is a bottle opener inbuilt making it easier by letting you carry lesser tools for your adventure. considering much cheaper alternatives present in the market, price-wise its is more on the premium side. The cooler additionally comes with a steel wire basket to keep your food that needs to be dry and cool at the same time.

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Overall Soft Cooler Budget Pic: Coleman Cooler Xtreme Review

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The Coleman cooler comes at a cheap price tag but offers the best features for the price, actually I can say these features are more worth than the price. The cooler comes with a 70-quart capacity which can store about 100 cans without a problem. It has a hard insulated lid that can retain coolness for up to 5 days even if the temperature reaches as high as 90F, but most consumers deny it to be so.

The lid can be used as a cup holder that can place for cups and bottles to prevent them from spilling, or as a seat because the have-a-seat-lid can hold up to 250 lbs, saving some extra space. The total shipping weight of this cooler amounts to about 13.4 lbs making one of the most lightweight coolers. The presence of solid grip handles adds to the ease of maneuvering the cooler.

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Canyon Cooler 55 Series Review

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This hard rotomolded cooler and hard insulation of pressure-injected HuntX foam provide extreme ice retention for up to 14 days letting you have peace of mind while hunting, fishing, or road tripping. It is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and it is IGBC certified with a lifetime warranty making things simpler for you. The cooler comes in dimensions of 28*15.5*16.25 inches making it take significantly lesser space than their competition and it has a high storage capacity of nearly 50 liters.

Canyon Cooler 55 weighs 25 lbs and has flexible rope handles as well as recessed handles on the side of the cooler to maneuver the cooler with ease. The canyon cooler has an integrated bulletproof hinge which makes it more rugged and durable for everyday use. The EZ cam latches are 100% recessed and come with UV resistance. The one-inch drain plug is protruded out from the cooler and the drain cap is attached to it, so you’ll never lose the cap, this is a great feature because most coolers come with a separate drain cap and when it is lost the functionality of the cooler is also lost. The inside can fit two baskets (sold separately) for easy arrangement of stuff.

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Best Backpack Cooler: Polar Bear Nylon Solar Bear Series Backpack

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The polar bear backpack cooler is a well built soft cooler, which can be carried as a backpack. It can retain coolness for up to 24 hours making it just enough for traveling or picnics. The insulation is made of 1 inch thick 10 gauge foam making it keep the coolness even at 100F temperatures. The exterior of the backpack is of 12″*7″*18 dimensions and is made up of UV resistant Luggage grade Nylon.

The craftsmanship of the backpack is excellent with double hemmed and anchor stitched seams and rustproof super heavy duty YKK #10 weatherized zippers and buckles. The interior is K9 proof and lined with anti-microbial FDA approved double-coated nylon, making it waterproof. The interior is spacious making it able to store 18 cans plus 7lbs of ice.

The soft cooler comes with a bottom saddle that gives great support and durability once you have packed your cooler. The 2 padded backpack straps along with the backrest support and a weight of just 3lbs make traveling with the cooler a breeze. 

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Great ROTOMOLDED: KENAI 45 Cooler Review

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The USA made rotomolded cooler comes with a neat design. The ecomate insulation of the hard cooler is environmentally friendly with no ozone depletion or global warming potential. Thanks to this insulation the Kenai 45 qt cooler can hold ice up to 3-5 days. Pretty average considering the competitors, but for the cheap price much cannot complain about the cooler.

The cooler also features an integrated hinge for extra rugged use. The 45 qt capacity can store about 60 12 oz cans and up to 10 lbs of ice. Even though it weighs a hefty 26 lbs, the molded in-handles and the flexible rope handles make the maneuvering of the cooler a breeze. The grip feet and the presence of 2 tie-down slots make the Kenai cooler extremely still and easy to be transported without a hassle. The cooler has 2 slots in the inside which can be used to separate different food items of choice and the wire basket essential for this purpose is sold separately

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