Amazon Prime Day 2020 in AUGUST: All You Should Know About The Biggest Shopping Holiday

Amazon Prime day 2020 massive shopping holiday when is the next amazon prime day 2020 ? date postponed to August.


Get ready for Amazon’s next massive SALES event

Who does not like a shopping Holiday?! We all are in anticipation of great deals and discounts at any given time. If you are redecorating the house or building a garage, or just want to stack up, Christmas presents early, and Amazon Prime Day is the day that you do so. Amazing discounts and deals will be displayed for all Prime customers on Amazon for a whole 48 hours.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual celebration of Amazon’s birthday. On this day, usually, Amazon displays more than 100, 000 different deals in almost all the brands and items. All the Prime subscribers can avail of these discounted items, and the best thing is, these discounts and deals are truly rewarding. Prime Day started in 2015, and since it was a huge success, Amazon decided to make it the annual celebration of its inception. In fact, they offer more deals than any other celebration or sale day ever.

Carrying on the excitement from last year.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 was a massive success in terms of deals and purchases. It was such an enormous success that the ‘day’ extended to 48 hours, which is a bit of a stretch to call it a day. 2019 Amazon Prime Day started on 15th July and lasted up to 16th July. This summer shopping holiday is one of the best shopping holidays in the world. Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals include 4K HDR TVs, headphones, Amazon Echo, and Fire products such as firesticks, wireless charges, Nintendo switches, wireless Bluetooth headphones, kitchen appliances, dishwasher tablets, detergents, exfoliating scrubs, and many books on Kindle. The deals were a never-ending list in 2019, and that is why the ‘day’ stretched more than 24 hours.

Becoming an Amazon PRIME Customer.

Amazon Prime Day is available only for Prime customers. If you are not a Prime customer, you will not be entitled to these deals on Prime Day. Here is how you can become an Amazon Prime customer. Log in to or the mobile app if you are using Android or iOS. Sign up if you do not have an account yet, or log into the account if you have one. One the menu, you will find ‘Try Prime.’ Click on ‘Try Prime Free,’ and you can start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial. There are more deals than any other shopping holiday; therefore, you would not want to miss this opportunity.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? 

New Update: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Amazon Prime Day has Postponed until August at earliest.

The earlier predicted date for Amazon Prime Day 2020 is July 6th, 2020. Everyone is hoping for Prime Day to go until 7th like last year. Compared to 2018 and 2019 Prime Day lengths, it is most likely that 2020 will be the same.

Unlike last year, a lot of people are predicting Amazon Prime Day 2020 to be a week earlier. Why? Mainly because Amazon’s competitors are lining up with their Prime Day Alternatives and Shopping Holidays in the second week during summer. Therefore, we all are expecting Amazon to step ahead and have it a week earlier than last year.

It is also likely that there will be countdown sales before the actual Prime Day this year. To shake off its competitor’s pricing, it is predicted that the countdown sale will start at the end of June until the 4th of July, just two days before the actual Prime Day. And Prime Day is looking like it is going to last a good 48 hours with amazing deals and discounts for its Prime customers.

What to expect on Amazon Prime Day 2020

It is guaranteed that Amazon will have the best deals and discounts on its own products such as Echo and Fire. More likely, they will have lower prices on the countdown sale and may continue to have a discounted rate following Prime Day. But the most economical price would be tagged on Prime Day itself.

Prime Day could be the day that you snap your current generation consoles. PS5 and Xbox Two will be coming in time for Christmas 2020. Therefore, there is a considerable chance that the current generation consoles will have a hefty discount on Prime Day 2020. Just like last year, 2020, Prime Day also will be making huge sales on its own products in Echo and Fire. Apart from the electronics, it is predicted that this year there will be huge discounts and deals on dry food items such as coffee, tea, cereals, macaroni, noodles, and grocery items.

Best discounted Product in Prime day 2019

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Final thoughts: Amazon Prime Day 2020 and its discounts are going to sweep you off of yourfeet.

Just like every year, this year is going to be a huge success for Amazon because it is going to have the Amazon Prime Day a week earlier than previous years. If you are not a Prime customer at Amazon, you can sign up and avail the 30-day free trial as a Prime customer. This day is fantastic for those who look for deals and discounts. The fantastic thing is, this year, there is most likely a countdown sale, which will lead up to the actual day. Even though the most discounted items will be displayed on Prime Day, you can still find some fantastic deals in the countdown sale too.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be full of discounted items in house appliances, electronics, mobile phones, accessories, kitchen items, food, grocery items, sports items, books, and many more. Therefore, you can actually get a discount on anything you like because more than 100,000 items are always on sale on Prime Day. Keep looking and wait for the year’s most discounted shopping holiday in August 2020.

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Best Black Friday 2019 Deals Coming: Early Bird Notification READY – Massive Discounts

Best Amazon Black Friday deals 2019 with low price and amazing discounts

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Black Friday 2019 Deals Coming

The days are gone when people have to go shopping at the market, malls, and complexes nearby, as in the current age of the internet, almost everything could be bought and sold online. From expensive electronic items to essential groceries, there are several websites on the internet that provide convenient and rational shopping experience. As we know that the Thanksgiving is around the calendar, and so are the fantastic deals of Black Friday by several online shopping websites. No one can doubt the fact that for window shopping-lovers, Black Friday is actually like a festival, and they love it. Keep on reading to know more about it. 

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What are black Friday deals?

One day after the very cherished festival of Thanksgiving comes Black Friday. The season of shopping arrives with this day several stores in the real world market along with the online shopping sites offer exciting deals for the customer and customers also provide them with good business at this time. However, while shopping in the local market, it gets quite tricky to shop as there is a great rush for sales. On the other hand, people who shop online get amazing deals very conveniently. 

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When is Black Friday on amazon?

One of the most prominent online shopping website Amazon has also made the announcement of its amazing Black Friday deals. People love to shop from these sites, and with such exciting deals and amazing discount offers, the attraction of window shoppers has also increased. So, there is nothing to worry about the festive shopping season as you can get whatever you want at a very reasonable price, go ahead and have a happy shopping. 

Black Friday: 2019 11 29

Cyber Monday: 2019 12 01

Which product has the best discounts on Amazon?

of the best deals on products that everyone wants, here is the list of those products-

  • Smartphones- Are you tired of using your old mobile or your mobile phone is getting outdated? If the answer to these questions is yes, then get a new smartphone at best prices on Amazon. It is the best time to say goodbye to your old phone.
  • Electronics- from kitchen products to musical equipment all the electronic items are being sold on great deals, buying one from the Amazon will be a perfect gift for a friend or family member

Along with these things, there are some other amazing deals offered by Amazon on their Black Friday Deal. Let’s discuss the products and the deals along with them in detail.

• Amazon Black Friday TV deals 

Latest Black Friday TV DEALS IN 2019 | Brand name list

There are always special and very exciting deals on the television during the Black Friday deals, and this year there would be no exception to this fact. There are several television brands and their models to look for in this season’s Black Friday deal on Amazon. Some of them might include OLED models by LG, televisions by TCL (Roku), along with P and M series by Vizio. In order to find some other deals as well, you can also go for the newly introduced one plus television and brands like Samsung are always there with the option to buy a good smart television. The deals on these products are very intriguing, and many people have already added one of these brands in their cart. This means you have to be on time if you want to get one of these. 

• Amazon Black Friday Smart home devices deals

No matter which season is approaching or what festival is round the calendar, smartphones are always the ones that come along with some great deals and offers. And as told earlier, the Black Friday sale on Amazon is also offering some of the most excellent deals on smartphones. There are massive discounts on mobile phones by Xiaomi, Mi A3 and A2 are considered to be the hot favorite among the consumers. Along with that, its Note 7 pro has also created a great buzz among the gadget lovers and especially people who are looking for high-tech features at a reasonable price. As always, Samsung’s premium models in the android category are rocking in this sale as well, and smartphones by other brands like Nokia, Vivo, and One Plus are also getting some good deals. 

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• Amazon Black Friday Smartphones and Laptops deals

We have already discussed the deals on android smartphones in this year’s Black Friday deal on Amazon. Just like the android phones, there are also some great deals on the iPhone and other gadgets by Apple. Therefore, if you are planning to buy some high tech and fantastic gadget of Apple, don’t wait for too long, buy it from the Black Friday sale itself. Along with that, the laptop from several leading brands is also available for the consumers in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. 

• Amazon Black Friday Audio devices deals

The deals on speakers, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and microphones are also very nice in the Black Friday deal of Amazon in this season. Hence, you can take out the long lost list of all the audio devices you always longed to own. The speakers by leading brands like JBL, Sony, boat, and Echo, etc. are also available in the sale of this season’s Black Friday by Amazon. Therefore, don’t waste a moment and add the product you want to your cart on the online shopping website of Amazon. 

So now, when you have got all the information you required for the Black Friday deal of Amazon, your research work is almost done. The next thing you have to do is compare the prices of the available option of the desired product, and then all you have to do is buy them. The discount provided to the people who get soon to grab the best deal is better than those who are not on time. So, grab the products you are planning to buy this festive season get them at the best deals on the Amazon. 

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