Top 10 Best Small-Mini Freezer 2020 Reviews & Comparison – Compact Chest & Upright

Top 10 Best Small-Mini Freezers 2020 Review & Comparison - Both Chest & Upright

Most of the refrigerator users facing the issue which needs extra space to store their frozen food, meals, medicine and etc. Because the freezer of the refrigerator is packed full of frozen items. They always consider buying a new refrigerator or buying a min freezer. But if you are in a small dorm, room, apartment, office, or garage, you can’t allow more space for a refrigerator. Otherwise, you just need to store only frozen items in a small space. So, this is just what you are looking for: a quiet, medium-sized freezer that doesn’t take too much space. And you can select from many different sizes (1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0 ,3.1, 5.0, 7.0 cubic feet).

There are two major types of Mini Freezers in the market. Those are Upright or Chest Freezers. You can select one with your needs. Mini freezers come in a reasonably compact size compared to the large ones, taking up less space. They are also less costly regarding purchase and maintenance. However, the quality of performance remains the same as the large freezer.

Buying a mini freezer can be a difficult experience especially if it is your first time purchasing a freezer. The many options that are available make it hard to zero in on one that best suits you or your family. So, we have resolved that task for you by doing the research and discovering the best products on the market 2020. Check our Top list of the best 10 small-mini freezers review in 2020. So now you can store ice cream, chicken, nuggets/pizza, desserts, seafood, breast milk any frozen foods.

Let’s take a close look at the Top 10 Best performing mini freezers on the market 2020.


Overall Best Mini Freezer 2020: Midea WHS-109FW1 3.0 Upright Freezer Review

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Midea is the world’s largest producer of Home appliances. And Media is one of the top-rated refrigerator manufacturers as well.

This Midea 3.0 Freezer is exactly what was needed to store additional frozen items. This freezer has listed on #1 in Upright Freezers & #1 in All home Appliances (with 835 reviews with 4.3 out of 5 ratings) stars at Amazon Products. So there is no hesitation to buy this Freezer.

Midea 3.0 Freezer is a medium-sized freezer and best fit for kitchen, office, small dorm, room, apartment, or garage. Most of the Midea refrigerators have ENERGY STAR rated and no need to concern. Otherwise, do you think about quietness? yes, it has a very low Noise. Full 1-Year Warranty about your electricity bill. Especialy The Freezer runs quietly and has a thermostat control on the back. If you want to lock the freezer when you are not in the place. No need to worry Midea has a freezer model that you can lock as well.

Midea WHS-109FW1 Specifications

Brand & Model InfoMidea WHS-109FW1
Item Weight57.3 pounds
Product Dimensions19.72 x 21.26 x 33.86 inches
Freezer Capacity3 cubic feet
Installation TypeFree Standing (Upright Freezers)
Form FactorStand Alone
ColorWhite/ Black/ Stansteel/ Stainless Steel
Voltage120 volts
Connector TypeWater Line
Door HingesReversible
Door Material TypeStainless Steel
Material TypeStainless-Steel
Included ComponentsUser Manual, Warranty Card

Other Best Mini Midea Freezers in Different features with Sizes.

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Video : Midea MF92W 92L Upright Freezer Review 2020

Best Efficiency Little Upright Freezer: Whynter CUF-112SS Energy Star 1.1 Review

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This is also a small freezer. It is ideal for any little space where cold storage is ceded. Whynter has 2.1 cu. F.t. you can use it in the kitchen, offices, garages, brake rooms, apartments or basements or anywhere. Whynter is an upright freezer and it has 44 pounds weight only. It has reversible – swing door, adjustable thermostat, two removable shelves, and a lock. It was made with stainless steel. And the cylinder door lock provides additional security and protection and it has two keys. It has a temperature control adjustment switch and you can easily control it.

This Whynter freezer helps you to keep your energy costs down while providing efficient freezing solutions. It has not a high noise level. And this freezer is perfect for store ice cream, milk, and frozen food. It equipped with R600 a powerful compressor. It is not required any batteries for this. Its recessed handle provides a flush finish with the door. It has 20×17 .5×27.5 inches dimensions and 2.1 cubic feet capacity. You can see the differences between the Whynter Cu, ft.-110B. and Whynter CUF-112SS freezers. 

Stainless Steel door with Security Lock with Reversible Door

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Best Energy Savings & Quiet: Euhomy Upright Mini Freezer 2.1 Energy Star Review

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Euhomy is a very reliable and trusted cooling product maker in the market. Considering all the product features, Euhomy Upright Freezer 2.1 has all the functions which we can expect for a reasonable price.

Euhomy is a small freezer. This freezer keeps the items cold all day long without worrying about getting warm. It includes an upright freezer and instruction. The freezer has 1.1  cu.ft. interior large capacity. And the very special thing is you can carry very easily this freezer and this is very essential for especially in apartments, offices, vacation condos, break rooms and mobile homes. It gives you the extra frozen food storage space. You can store your frozen foods easily.

Euhomy Mini Freezer is really good for your wallet the planet. It equipped with R 600 a compressor. And it is really easy to move & 34.8 pounds of weight only. The freezer has a reversible door and adjustable foot. This freezer made with stainless steel and 2.1 has 17.5×18.6×19.2 inches dimensions. And this freezer is ideal for small spaces and it has adjustable leveling legs. The freezer has a compact single door with a reversible door and adjustable removable shelves.

So this is a portable one. Not only that, but it also has an adjustable 7-grade temperature intensity. Freezer saves energy and electricity. It will help you to reduce energy costs while providing an efficient freezing solution. So you can select what you want. It can be controlled from 7.60F to 6.80F. And you can clean this freezer very easily.  

Amazon Rating Review Euhomy Upright freezer, Energy Star 2.1 Cubic Feet,Compact Single Door mini freezer with Reversible Door,Adjustable Removable Shelves ,Freezer for Basement/Home/Apartment/Office (Silver)
Best Review Ratings on Amazon.

Actualty, all the Euhomy product has best rated on Amazon product categories. So Euhomy Upright Mini Freezer 2.1 also listed as #4 in Upright Freezers (4.6 out of 5). Specially Euhomy has low nose lvel and hihg energy efficiancy than other products.

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Best Tabletop/Countertop Mini With Locks: hOmelabs Upright Freezer 1.1 Review

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hOmelabs Upright Freezer with 17.5 x 18.3 x 19.8 inches measurement and 1.1 cubic feet capacity is perfectly sized to keep your favorite food in a deep freeze while taking up less space in your office, kitchen, college dorm, hospitals, apartment, garage and anywhere else.

This the freestanding small freezer has Mechanical temperature control, Reversible stainless steel door, low noise technology and features safety child lock. Use this freezer to keep snacks, ice cream, beverages or ice cubes as well as breast milk. This hOmelabs Upright Freezer has 1.1 Cu. ft. capacity, – 20℃ to -14℃ (-4°F to 6.8°F) temperature range, <42 dB noise level, R600a refrigerant, 115V voltage, 60Hz frequency, 17.5 x 18.3 x 19.8 inches dimension and 31.26lbs weight.

This small size freezing machine is designed with low noise and vibration so sleep isn’t disturbed. So this unit perfect for use quiet places. The hOmelabs freezer door lock prevents uneven temperatures caused by the door opening and closing. The little freezer has special features. There are Reversible door, Safety child lock and 2 keys, Adjustable front feet, Compressor cooling, UL, Energy efficiency certification. So this hOmelabs Upright Freezer may be the perfect choice for you.

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Video: hOmelabs Upright Freezer 1.1 Review 2020

Best Largest Upright Pick on The List: Koolatron KTUF88 3.1 Mini Freezer Review

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Koolatron is an ideal addition for kitchen, offices, garages, apartments, cottages, workplaces or anywhere. It has an adjustable thermostat that lets you easily program your freezer to the ideal temperature. It has 56.2 pounds weight and21.5×23× inches dimension. Not only that, but it also has 6- temperature settings to control, you can set the temperature between 00 C, 240 C (320 F & -11.20 F) at 250 C (770F) around air temperature. This also comes with adjustable leveling feet. It equipped with R600 a (CFC free) powerful compressor.

Koolatron KTUF88 3.1 Mini Freezer is really good for a small family that just needs a little extra freezer space. And make sure you follow the instructions before plugging in. On the inside of this freezer, it’s divided into three small compartments. People who bought this Koolatron freezer, highly recommended. It hasn’t highly noise level. And this is perfect for store ice-cream, milk, and frozen foods. This is also a portable freezer made with steel. Koolatron is a 3.1 cu.ft. capacity standing freezer with 110 voltage. You can compare the differences between the other freezers, Such as Whynter CUF 110B, Midea WHS-121LW1 refrigerator.

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Best Chest Mini Freezer- Primum: Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door- 3.5 Review

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Midea Chest Freezer is perfect for storing frozen food, ice cream, ice cubes, beverages, etc. The freezer comes with mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat from -12 to -28 degrees, contains 1 hanging wire storage basket, Hinge-Style door remains open from 45 to 75-degree angles. The removable storage basket has been designed for the complete convenience of access. The compact freezer chest top as an overflow freezer when food goes on sale or you need to stock-up with additional food from your big trip to the warehouse superstore.

The premium freezer has 20.59 x 22.2 x 33.5 inches dimension, 59.5 pounds weight, 3.5 cubic feet capacity and 120 volts voltage. This is a great size for European kitchens, small apartments, tiny homes, houseboats, home bars, game rooms, garages, gyms and RVs.

The freezer is optimal for storing extra ice for cocktails and beverages when entertaining family and friends. The compact freezer made with whisper-quiet technology. The streamlined design of the freezer complements any place style. Further this freezer perfect for galley or European kitchens where space is limited. The freezer has a full one year warranty and the compressor had a two year warranty.  So enjoy the convenience of the Midea Chest compact freezer where you entertain and relax the most.

Specially Midea WHS-129C1 Chest Mini Freezer- 3.5 has rated as #2 in Chest Freezers and #10 in All Appliances (See Top 100 in Appliances) in AMAZON Bestseller List ( 4.1 out of 5 stars, 863 ratings). So we can recommend that Midea WHS-129C1 is the best mini freezer in 2020. And also you can buy this freezer under $200 today.( Quickly changing the price/ 200-700)

Video : Midea WHS-129C1 Chest Mini Freezer- 3.5 Review 2020

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Best New Release: Joy Pebble Free Standing Upright Freezer Review

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Joy Pebble Free Standing Upright Freezer with 17.5 x 21.5 x 25 inches measurement and 2.1 cu. Ft. capacity is perfectly sized to keep meat, aquatic products, breast milk, cold drinks, ice cream or your favorite foods in a deep freeze while talking up less space in your kitchen, office, bar shop, gym, garage, home, hotel, apartment and anywhere else.

The great little freezer has a traditional design of opening the door up and down. This adopts the left and right door opening and you can see the foods you need to take at a glance, saving time and eliminating the trouble of rummaging. The freezer uses R600a high efficiency and low energy consumption compressor. So this freezer can cool quickly and only 0.66-kilowatt-hour power needed per day.

The small size freezing machine is designed with bellow 40db noise. So this promises a sweet dream. The freezer has a reversible door and it can lock the air conditioning firmly. In addition to this freezer has ≤ -0.4℉ (-18℃) temperature range, 40.8lbs net weight. After using this freezer for 24 hours set the freezer to your craved setting. The freestanding freezer has ETL & UL certificates, 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy from Joy Pebble.

Package Include: 1 x Freezer, 1 x User Manuel.

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BLACK+DECKER BUFK12W Compact Upright Freezer Single Door- 1.2 Review

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The BLACK+DECKER 1.2 cu. Ft. Upright Freezer features an impressive, estimated 42 pounds of food storage according to standard industry calculations. The compact freezer has special features. There are flat back compact designs, easy to see & found every item, energy star certified and you can fit this virtually anywhere with your chosen option of putting it on the floor or table/countertop. The great little freezer comes with full-width wire shelf, adjustable thermostat control and adjustable leaving legs. Full-width wire shelf for better organization for your unique storage needs. Can store snacks, ice cream, beverages, ice cubes or popsicles in this freezer.

The BLACK+DECKER compact freezer has 40.8 pounds weight, 19.69 x 19.72 x 19.29 inches dimension, one-liter capacity and 120volts voltage. In addition to 14.5 wide, 13 tall, 14.25 deep and then there is a protrusion that sticks out on the bottom half back of the freezer as most mini-fridges has. That protrusion sticks out about 6 and 1/2 in deep and about 6 and 1/2 in high. Adjustable leveling legs assist assure a stable base and adjustable thermostat control to fit the perfect temperature for the type and measure of contents. Just think about having your favorite piece of quality meat or your favorite hors d’oeuvre or desserts or any favorite frozen meals ready whenever the mood strikes you. The perfectly portable compact freezer use for in the office, college dorm, garage, workshop and all small places.

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Danby DUFM032A1WDB 3.2 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer Review

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Northair Chest Freezer 3.5 Cubic Feet Open Door Deep Freezer Review

Northair Chest Freezer 3.5 Cubic Feet with Removable Basket Free-Standing Top Open Door Deep Freezer -4℉ to 6.8℉ 7 Temperature Setting/Front Defrost Water Drain/Energy-saving/UL Certified

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Northair Compact Chest 3.5 Cubic Freezer specially made for the fast freezing procedure. Freezer equipped with 3.5 cu.ft. Capacity to the best sufficiency to hold your food items, like meat & steak, ice creams, kinds of seafood, quick-frozen foods. It has 21.18×21.77×30.94 inches of dimension and 50.7 pounds of weight helps to keep in limited space and easy to move. The freezer comes with 2 colors white and black, black Freezer expensive than white ones.         

Northair freezer has a built-in thermostat to adjust the temperature easily; the controller has 7 temperature settings. Level 1-cold, level 7-coldest level 7, is great for storing frozen food, ice cream, ice. But normally it should keep level 4 defaults cooling. Power-on light indicates by red and runs light indicate green color lights; it helps to do proper faction. Northair chest freezer comes with two wire baskets. This storage basket slides easily and you can quickly see items interior. When you open and close the door there are no sounds emit.

Northair can open from 45 to 90-degree angles provide a hand-free feature to open and close. Its compressor designs high equity, fast and quiet noise between 38db. Freezer designed by the embossed aluminum liner. It helps to environmental protection & corrosion resistance. Freezer wires are made of pure copper.

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