TILE Tracker: World’s Best Wireless Key Finder Review 2020 – Find Your Lost Gadgets Quickly

TILE Tracker-Word's BEST Smart Bluetooth Key Finder Tracker review and comparison 2019 | Find YOUR PORTABLE lost items quickly by Title Pro Mate & Slim-Ring, Mobile App, GPS Map


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QUICK SUMMARY —— > All in one Tile Tracker Comparison 2020 – image

Tile Tracker Comparison 2020


New Tile Tracker SLIM 2020 Tile Tracker PRO-Tile Tracker MATE- Tile Tracker STICKER  2020 and 2019 review Find YOUR PORTABLE lost items quickly by Tile Pro Mate & Slim-Ring, Mobile App, GPS Map
New Tile Tracker SLIM- PRO- MATE- STICKER 2020

Losing or forgetting portable gadget item (Like Phone, Purse, Bag, Jacket, Pet, Key, bike, luggage, laptops) in somewhere is a worst-case in our day Today life. Finding those gadget items is a horrible experience which we are always facing. That will waste our valuable time and make us stressed or frustrated.

As a matter of fact, TILE has identified this problem and made an amazing solution for you. TILE Keyfinder is a small type of square-shaped Smart Bluetooth tracking device that you can attach to a Portable gadget item that you are caring about losing. Tile will prevent people from ever losing their valuable items that save time and money. Its Portable Key tag sized small Bluetooth Low Energy device that keeps track of the small or big items by using Our iPhone or Android App which we are always using.

The TILE is one of the most famous lost gadget item finderS in the world Today. The TILE company has now sold over 10 million of its Bluetooth-connected devices that run with The TILE app on your smartphone to help you find lost or stolen gadget items, such as your keys, wallets, tablets, bags, guitars and more.

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Do You Know: The Average American Spends 2.5 Days Each Year Looking for Lost or Misplaced Gadget Items. Read More..


HOW does TILE Tracker work?

How TILE Tracker KeyFider Works

In short, The Tile works this way,

“Let’s say you have brought TILE Finder and attached to your Bag. First of all, after brought the TILE Key Tracker you should install the Tile app on your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone or Tablet and the App should be paired with particular TILE Tracker through the Bluetooth connection.

Now the Tile is continuously connected and communicates with your Mobile phone, periodically pinging the Smart Phone to let it know it’s still nearby. The TILE App remembers this, along with the location where TILE is located. For this process, The Tile APP Should always be run in the background of the phone.

If you have misplaced or stolen your Bag at somewhere, you can tack and search using Tile App by following Three ways,

  • Direct Ring your TILE Device

TILE located close enough to your Bluetooth range (Tile Pro New = 300ft Style or Sport = 200 feet / Mate or Slim =150 feet) and It can be discovered by one ring. When you get close, you can use the app to tell the Tile to Ring at you.

  • Look up Tile by last known location.

If TILE is not in your Bluetooth range, you can check that place where TILE was last time connected to each other from Location Map of TILE App. Then you can arrive at the Places again and Ring the TILE Tracker within the Bluetooth range. The TILE App should be run and always connected with Tile Tracker for accurate location detection.

  • You are out of range

If you are out of range or Last known location function doesn’t work, millions of TILE App user communities (TILE users Distribution Map ) will support you to find your gadget item. When another user with the Tile app running on their Mobile Phone walks within Bluetooth range of your TILE, their app will automatically and anonymously update the location of your TILE Tag. If you have Enabled “Notify when found” function of the App, updated TILE location notification alert will be sent to your phone. This location will not be shared with the person who updated it. Only you can see the Location.

tile tracker app apple android easy to use and customized - Smart Bluetooth Key Finder Tracker review 2020 | Find YOUR PORTABLE lost items quickly by Tile Pro Mate & Slim-Ring, Mobile App, GPS Map
Tile Tracker Pro Mate and Slim work with Apple and Android OSs

Following functions should be enabled for accurate communication and detection of each other,

  • The Bluetooth should always be Activated
  • The Tile app should always be running the background of the Phone
  • GPS should be enabled.
  • Enable Internet connection with your smartphone.

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New Tile Tracker Pro 2020

New Tile Tracker Pro 2020 Review

New Tile Tracker PRO 2020 is the most latest smart Key Finder that introduced in 2019. Year by year Tile products updated with new smart technologies. Tile tracker is the highly performed smart Tracker through our tracking device testing process. Tile Pro has been updated with extended Bluetooth range (400ft/ 120m), loudest available ring, Extended replaceable battery life (1 year), Water resistance techniques Splash-proof (scored an IP55 rating ). Every feature has updated when compared with Tile Pro 2018.

On the other hand, Tile has introduced a new extra Premium function which you can get through as paid service. Tile Premium will give you keep tracking records of your location history and Free battery replacement offer, you can share Tile Pro with your Friends or family members, So you can activate Tile smart Alert service that sends a notification when you leave the device. All these Premium features are available when you paying $3 for a month or $30 for annual.

And also New Tile PRO 2020 perfectly compatible with Amazon ALEXA voice control and Google Assistant as Tile 2018.

Special: Tile PRO 2020 has become Best Sellers Rank #9 in Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment category on Amazon. (Buy Now). And also got 4.3 out of 5-star ratings through 254 reviews.

New Tile Tracker PRO 2020 Specifications

NameTile Tracker PRO 2020
ColourClassic Black & White
BatteryBuilt-in 1-year Battery CR2032
Bluetooth Range400 ft | 120m
VolumeLouder Than Ever
Waterproof Yes
Dimensions42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm
Item Weight2.08 ounces
Item model numberRE-20002
Smart Voice Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant
Customer Reviews
(2020 April)
4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile PRO 2020 Price1 Pack $34.98| 4 Pack $99.99 ( NOW 20% OFF Buy Now )

Tile PRO 2020 review Video

New Tile PRO 2020 review video

Comparison Between Tile PRO 2018 vs 2020

New Tile Tracker PRO 2020 vs 2018 full Review comparison
New Tile Tracker PRO 2018 vs 2020 full Review comparison
NameTile Tracker PRO 2020 Tile Tracker PRO 2018
ColourClassic Black & White Black & White
Battery1-year Replaceable-Battery 1-year Replaceable-Battery
Bluetooth Range400 ft | 120m300 ft | 90m
Bluetooth Range
(open area test )
660 Ft | 201m630 Ft | 190m
VolumeLouder Than Ever Louder
Water ratingWaterproof ( IP55)Waterproof ( IP55 )
Dimensions42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm41.6mm x 41.6mm x 6.5mm
Item Weight2.08 ounces 0.96 ounces
Warranty 1 year YesYes
Smart Voice Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant
Customer Reviews
(2020 April)
4.6 out of 5 stars[⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]4.3 out of 5 stars [⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆]
Tile PRO Price2 Pack $59.99| 4 Pack $99.99 (Buy) 2 Pack $59.99 | 4 PACK $99.99 (Buy)
tile pro (2020) - 4 pack and tile pro (2020) - 2 pack Best deals New offers

Tile Pro (2020) – 4 Pack for Price history and Free Price Alert

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Tile Essentials (2020) – 4 Pack for Price history and Free Price Alert

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Tile Tracker Protect CASES

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Tile PRO 2020 vs 2018 Bluetooth Range Comparison Test VIDEO

Tile PRO 2020 vs 2018 Bluetooth Range Comparison Test VIDEO

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Video summary : Under the open area conditions (In a Playground ) Tile Pro 2020 covered 660 Feet (201 meters) Bluetooth range. This is the highest Bluetooth range which covered by any key finder ever. That’s prity amazing range. Tile PRO 2018 also covers 192 meters.


New Tile Pro 2020 Related FAQs of Users

  • Does Tile PRO 2020 work with WiFi?

Noh. New Tile also still works with only Bluetooth technology. Anyway, It was updated Bluetooth versions (Bluetooth 5.0 technology) and now covers a wide range than Tile Pro 2018.

  • How far New Tile PRO 2020 Bluetooth Range covers?

Pro 2020’s Bluetooth range will cover up to 120m/ 400ft. It’s a big improvement comparing with 100ft/30m of Tile Pro 2018.

  • Can be replaced the PRO 2020 Battery?

Yes. PRO 2020 has a replaceable battery option. You can easily replace the battery without any technical knowledge. Inbuilt battery is garnetted for a one-year time period and after a one-year time battery will die. If you are a Tile premium subscribe you can replace free Battery. Otherwise, you have to buy one.

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New Tile Tracker MATE 2020

New-Tile-Tracker-MATE -2020-Review-and-comparison WITH 2018
New Tile Tracker MATE 2020 Review

Tile MATE 2020 is the middle-sized and budgeted New Tile Key Finder released in 2019 September. It has built with more updated features. Mate 2020 was designed for middle-level customers who interested in the best key trackers with advanced performance. The most important factors are price, Bluetooth range, quick Replaceable battery, Small size..etc.

The price of Mate 2020 varies among $20 – $25. In this Christmas season, it offers a $19.99 price. Compared with Pro [$35] and Slim [$30] price is fair with its features and most of the users buy discounted bulk like Tile Mate 2 pack or 4 pack. (Buy Now) Updated Bluetooth range – 300ft gives more coverage than early versions [2018]. The size of the Tile Mate is smaller than other Tile Pro and Slim.[1.65 x 1.65 x 0.26 inches ] Item Weight (1.44 ounces) also less than PRO. So Replaceable battery option is very important with a one-year battery life warranty. You can simply replace a new battery without any technical knowledge. As every Tile tracker products, Mate 2020 also have waterproof technology. Ringing loudness also higher than the last versions.

Special: Tile Mate 2020 also becomes a Best Sellers Rank #1 in Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment category on Amazon. (Buy Now). And also got 4.3 out of 5-star ratings through 388 reviews.

Note: As same as Other Tile products, Mate 2020 also work with smart devices ( Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri )
So Now Tile MATE can be easily attached to gadget items that you worried about losing.

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New Tile Tracker MATE 2020 Specifications.

Name Tile Tracker MATE 2020
Color White
Battery 1-year Replaceable CR1632
Bluetooth Range 200 ft
Volume Louder Ring
Water rating Waterproof
Dimensions 35mm x 35mm x 6.2mm
Weight 1.76 ounces
Item model number RE-19004
Customer Reviews (2020 April) 4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile MATE 2020 Price 1 Pack $24.99  | 4 Pack $49.99 ( Buy Now)
Amazon Seller RatingBest Sellers Rank #2

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Tile MATE 2018 vs 2020 vs Tile PRO 2020 Comparison

New Tile Tracker mate 2020 vs 2018 and Tile pro 2020  full Review-compressed
New Tile Tracker MATE 2020 vs 2018 and Tile PRO 2020 Full Review-comparison
NameTile MATE 2020Tile MATE 2018 Tile PRO 2020
Colour White White/ Gray Black & White
Battery1-year Replaceable 1-year Replaceable1-year Replaceable
Bluetooth Range 200 ft 150 ft400 ft
Volume Louder Ring Ring Louder Than Ever
( IP55)
Dimensions35x 35x 6.2 mm35 x35 x6.2 mm42 x 42 x 6.5mm
Item Weight 1.76 ounces 0.24 ounces 2.08 ounces
1 year Warranty YESYESYES
Smart Voice Assistant YES YES YES
Customer Reviews
(2020 April)
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Tile PRO Price1 Pack $24.99 | 4 Pack $49.99 ( Buy Now) 1 Pack $18.99 | 4 Pack $34.99 ( Buy Now) 2 Pack $59.99| 4 Pack $99.99 (Buy)

New Tile Tracker SLIM 2020

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Review Updates
New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Review Updates

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 is the one of a most updated version of the tile Product that introduced in 2019. Especially it has integrated high quilty 3 year Battery life than any older tile devices. This will be the most trending smart portable key tracker device in 2020. And also other most important thing is The Tile Slim 2020 improved it’s Bluetooth range 150 Ft to 200 Ft and Loudness of the ringing.

New Tile Silm fully functions with Amazon ALEXA voice control and Goole Assistant. Tile Slim 2020 has a different look from older TIle Slim finder. The body was designed as a rectangle-shaped design and only available in Black color devices. The size (86mm x 54mm x 2.5mm) of New Tile slim similar to a plastic credit card.

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 Specifications.

Name Tile Tracker Slim 2020
Color Black
Battery Built-in 3-year Battery
Bluetooth Range 200 ft
Volume Most Louder Than Ever
Water Waterproof Yes
Dimensions 86mm x 54mm x 2.5mm
Item Weight 1.6 ounces
Item model number RE-23001
Customer Reviews (2020 April) 4.6 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile Slim 2020 Price 1 Pack $29.99 | 4 Pack $99.99 ( Buy Now)

Refer the Tile Tracker Slim and Sticker 2020 Video Review

New Tile Tracker Slim 2020 and New Tile sticker Reviews

New Tile Tracker STICKER 2020

New Tile Tracker STICKER 2020
New Tile Tracker STICKER 2020 Review

The Tile Tracker STICKER 2020 is recently released the best key finder. Tile sticker is a tiny device like a small button. The sticker can be easily attached to any small gadget item that you worried about losing. It’s a binky little button style effort that comes with an adhesive actually attached to the backs and you can stick it onto anything. After stuck, it’s a bit hard to remove from the surface. So Sticker fits with items like cameras, headphones, bicycles, and remote controls..etc.

The sticker has a little lithium battery and a recommended 3-year Battery life. Its body was made by black color plastics and design has shaped like a tiny disc. The Measurements are 27mm in diameter and 7.3mm in depth. But the Bluetooth range [150 ft ] is normal as old Tile slim. The Sticker is also waterproof and has a better Loud Ring. Latest Tile Tracker Sticker also fully supports Amazon ALEXA voice control, Goole Assistant, Apple SIRI.

New Tile STICKER 2020 Specifications.

NameTile Tracker STICKER 2020
BatteryBuilt-in 3-year Battery
Bluetooth Range150 ft
VolumeLouder Ringing
Water rating Waterproof
Dimensions27mm x 7.3mm
Item Weight1.6 ounces
Item model numberRE-25002
Customer Reviews (2020 April)4.4 out of 5 stars (Buy Now)
Tile Slim 2020 Price 2 Pack $39.99 | 4 Pack $59.99 (Buy Now)

How to Find Your Phone or Tab using TILE Tracker

How to Find Your phone or tab using TILE Tracker 2019 best key finder
How to Find Your Phone or Tab using TILE Tracker

When you lost your smartphone or Tablet as well, TILE will provide their Online web service to find your Phone and lost gadget items. For that purpose, you have to Log TILE website with your existing Username and Password which you used in the TILE App. TILE web service will show you where is the current location of your Smartphone in Map and it will provide two options. You will able to ring your phone, even if it is in silent mode and you can hear the ringing sound if you nearby. The other option is “Lost Mode.” which can be used to display a notification on your lock screen providing instructions to anyone who finds your phone. On the other hand, you can use the TILE device to find your phone within the Bluetooth range. The phone can be ringed Using the TILE Tracker buttons.

Tile Tracker Feature Specs Comparison Chart. [Tile Pro vs Mate vs Sticker vs Slim vs Style vs Sport ]

Here, you can see the comparison of all Tile Tracker Devices as a summary chart. If it’s difficult to access the below table/ chart clearly, you can see the comparison chart as all in ONE IMAGE.

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FAQ About Trackers or Key Finders

How much is the Tile key finder Price?

There are three major Tile Trackers available to buy in the market now. It has many combinations to buy with massive discounts with your desire. 

Tile Pro Tile Mate Tile Slim Tile MATE & Tile Slim
1 x $30.00
2 x $49.99
4 x $75.00
1 x $23.10
4 x $54.90
1 x $30.00 4 pack
(2 x Mate, 2 x Slim)

Important Link and Images of Tile Tracker.

tile tracker 2020 covers pro mate slim sticker
Tile tracker 2020 covers Pro Mate Slim Sticker

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New Tile Tracker Mate & Tile Pro Offer Replaceable Batteries 2020 Review
How to replace the Tile Tracker battery 2020

Aomais Sport II Plus Review 2020- Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cheap Price under $50


Music lovers, just like myself, have a thing for high-quality speakers; we love listening to clean, accurate, and sophisticated sound. That is why we always have a hard time choosing what the speaker suits our needs. That being said, I have initially suspected that this AOMAIS Sport II+ waterproof will disappoint me just like the rest of the speakers that I have previously owned, but surprisingly, the new AOMAIS Sport II plus version has taken a notch higher.

Table of Content.


AOMAIS Sport II Plus: Sound Quality.

Aomais Sport II + Review 2019/2020 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cheap Price for $40
Aomais Sport II+ Review 2020 Best Bluetooth Speaker under $40

One of the very few handy music players that I could not just simply chuck in the dust bin after a few minutes of using is this AOMAIS Sport II+. Fresh from the box, there is not any conspicuous modification or sudden glitch in the music. Many small Bluetooth speakers make your favorite music sound like a very awful remix. I can clearly ascertain that from the clarity of sound produced, AOMAIS folks really focused on keeping the integrity of music with the speakers they manufacture. The bass output seems to be balanced in the right proportion to the entirety of the music. Basically, its small speaker is not gonna shake anything in your house! The sounds produced are so natural instead of a petty artificial remix.

AOMAIS Sport II+ produces good sound quality. Its amplifier which is held to be “20-watts” yields a great power plenty enough to drive the small speaker to a particularly high volume – has been tested at ninety decibels. Bass response is being extended by two passive radiators without producing any port noise that is linked with vented speakers that are relatively small. It delivers really crystal clear sound and has dual passive radiators to produce balanced bass.

AOMAIS Sport II Plus: Waterproof Test.

Interestingly, this speaker is also waterproof since it is IPX7 certified. If you ever get this left outside during a rainy day or dropped it accidentally in a pool for a short time, it will hardly get affected, given that the port cover has been fully closed. Sport II plus play against rain, dust, snow, and shock. So, new Sport II+ is fully optimized for rough use and traveling purposes. It’s durable design better to use in Indoor activities, Parties, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Beaches, camping, boating, kayaking, outdoor adventure…etc.


2019 and 2020 review best portable bluetooth speaker under $50
AOMAIS Sport II Plus Review 2020: BATTERY LIFE

The battery lasts two times longer than the length of time it takes to have it fully charged. With its li-on battery, you can enjoy up to 30 hours playing your favorite songs at 50% volume. Battery status will be displayed on the speaker upon pressing the power button.

AOMAIS Sport II Plus: Bluetooth Range

The Bluetooth pretty much paired with every device I tried, and the quality of sound over Bluetooth is just as perfect as the sound transmitted by the source. Try it with a lossless FLAC player, it would definitely sound the best. The latest AOMAIS Sport II+ is powered by a new 4.2 Bluetooth technology and covered 100ft range.


NameAOMAIS Sport II Plus
Sound 20W HD Stereo Sound & Richer Bass
Battery 30 HOURS Playtime | 5000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Bluetooth100 ft | 4.2 Bluetooth Technology | TWS Pairing
Waterproof IPX7  Technology
Size 9.4 x 2.4 x 4.7 inches
Weight 1.36 pounds
Item model number B07D34XR5X
Warranty 12 months warranty Click
Hands-free MICHigh Definition MIC for calling
Alexa SupportYes

AOMAIS Sport II Plus: Price & Colors

The colour combination of black, Green and orange appears simplistic, but at some point, it exudes an aura of sophistication. The speaker was designed for travelling purposes. So you can easily carry on anywhere as a portable device like your smartphone. It is also very handy, that makes it someone enjoy the music experience with this new version more fun. Also, its lustrous design feels good in the hands. AOMAIS Sport II+ price ranges from 40 to 45 US dollars. To be honest, the AOMAIS Sport II+ is actually worth the price with its features.

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[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_history groups=”AOMAIS Sport II+”]

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_alert groups=”AOMAIS Sport II+”]

AOMAIS Speaker Comparison: SPORT II Plus vs Sport II MINI vs GO MINI vs LIFE vs Real Sound

AOMAIS Speaker Comparison Chart : SPORT II+  vs  Sport II MINI  vs  GO MINI vs LIFE vs Real Sound 2020
AOMAIS Speaker Comparison Chart : SPORT II+ vs Sport II MINI vs GO MINI vs LIFE vs Real Sound 2020

Comparison Video AOMAIS Sport II Plus vs AOMAIS Sport II



Top AOMAIS Bluetooth Speakers 2020

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AOMAIS Sport II plus : User Manual

AOMAIS Sport II plus User Manual | How to pair speakers, connect iPhone – Amazon Eco

How do I pair my Aomais Sport II Plus?

Pairing & Connections Please make sure your AOMAIS Sport i has enough battery power and it cannot be connected when the battery is too low. 1. Open your AOMAIS Sport II to prepare for pairing. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth and search for AOMAIS Sport II and make a connection, then you can play music. 2. When the AOMAIS Sport II is turned on, it will automatically try to connect to the last device used. Note: When you are pairing different devices, disconnect the existing device.

How do you sync two AOMAIS SPORT II speakers together?

1. Close two AOMAIS SPORT II Speakers gap between 1 meter of each other, then switch on each speaker. The BLUETOOTH indicator will blink slowly in blue and you will hear “powering on” &” ready to pair”; 2. Press and hold the 2 volume buttons at the same time as one speaker until you will hear a beep.

How to Pair AOMAIS Sport II with my iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone

1. Settings > Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth, select “AOMAIS Sport II”, then the speaker will be connected within a few seconds and the blue light will flash slowly. 2. You can now play your music with AOMAIS Sport II.

How to Pair AOMAIS Sport II with Amazon Echo Dot?

1. Connect to Echo Dot/Echo for the first time, please open the Alexa App on your device and use it to pair and connect. 2. Select Home in the upper left corner of the interface, then click “Setting”. 3. Select your Echo Dot/Echo in the device list. Click “Bluetooth”. 4. When “AOMAIS Sport II” appears in your device options, Alexa will prompt “Connect to AOMAIS Sport II”. 5. The next time you connect, just say “Alexa, Connect my speaker” or “Alexa, Pair” and the speaker will be connected automatically. 6. When you want to disconnect the speaker, say “Alexa, Disconnect my speaker”.7. When you want to reconnect the speaker and play it again, you need to say “Alexa, connect my speaker” or “Alexa, Pair”. If you want to turn off AOMAIS Sport II, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. 8. If you would like to get help about Alexa App, please contact Amazon’s Customer Service, or open the Alexa App and select help&feedback>Email Customer Service Important: When the AOMAIS Sport II is connected to Echo Dot/Echo for playback, the speaker will remain on and will not automatically turn off.

Safety Precautions of AOMAIS Sport II Plus

1. Do not charge at the water source or in the rain to prevent electric shock. 2. Please follow the instructions for all operations and use. 3. Do not damage the cable, especially at the connector. 4. Unplug the USB charging cable when it is not in use or during a thunderstorm. 5. Please keep the speaker away from heat sources(including all equipment that generates heat), such as stoves. 6. When the speaker is damaged, please contact AOMAIS Customer Service Team 7. Do not disassemble the speaker. 8. Use officially certified speakers such as (UL, CSA, VDE, CCC) Note: If the battery leaks, do not touch skin or eyes. If you touched, please consult your doctor.

If you need more details about AOMAIS Sport II plus – Refer User Manual. Otherwise please contact the AOMAIS team: support@aomais.com.

AOMAIS Sport II plus: FAQs

Q. Will it answer my iPhone?

A. Yes. Can you any iPhone to answer the phone calls with AOMAIS Sport II. On the other hands that will answer any smartphone calls that connected to the speaker.

Q. Can I pair 2 or more AOMAIS speakers together?

A. Yes. You can pair two AOMAIS speakers together, however, both speakers have to be the same model. That means you Can’t pair an AOMAIS Sport II+ with an AOMAIS Sport II.

Q. Does AOMAIS speaker auto shutdowns when plugged in?

A. No. It will play further.

Q. Is AOMAIS Sport shockproof?

A. Yes. The speaker was made under IPX7 technology. So both Shock and water-resistant accepted for rough and portable use.And also AOMAIS Sport II + is the best and cheap Wireless Bluetooth speaker under $50 bugs.

Q. Does AOMAIS Sport II PLUS work with only Bluetooth 4.2 enabled devices?

A. Noh. You can run with any Bluetooth supported devices that have less than 4.2 Bluetooth Versions. So You can connect to the 4.0 version of the Bluetooth devices too.

Q. Does AOMAIS Sport II PLUS have an SD card slot and wireless charging?

A. No. Both of these functions are not available in the speaker.

Q. Does AOMAIS Sport II PLUS speaker come with a cable for non-Bluetooth devices?

A. YES. Speaker can be connected via cable connection from charging port.Because New AOMAIS Sport II PLUS speaker comes with a 2 feet auxiliary cord.

Best ULTIMATE EARS Portable Bluetooth Speaker Comparison and 2020 Review

Best UE speaker review 2020 | All in one UE portable Bluetooth speaker comparison ( Boom-2-vs-Megaboom-vs-Boom3-vs-Megaboom 3 vs Blast vs Megablast vs Wonderboom vs Roll 2 )

[wpsm_update date=”2020.02.10″ label=”Update”][/wpsm_update]

World’s Best Ultimate Ears Portable Bluetooth Speaker Full Review and Buying Guide | The all in one 8 UE Speaker Comparison.


In this article, we will discuss and compair about all the UE Portable Bluetooth speakers (BOOM 2, MEGABOOM,  WONDERBOOM, BOOM 3, ROLL 2, MEGABOOM 3, BLAST, MegaBLAST) and it features from our research and customer reviews. So, All the details are simply and well written for your easy and quick understanding.

Through our market research, we discovered that UE Portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the TOP-QUALITY Bluetooth speakers in the Market today.

And also, we found that from all these UE speakers, BOOM 2  is the most suitable for your day-to-day use. It is worth the price with features. However, it’s one of the old UE version which Released in 2015. So, the final decision will depend on your expectations. Let’s read and select what is your best Fit..

All the UE Bluetooth Speakers are having the following common specifications.

You may also be interested in,

[WPSM_AC id=11301]

Table of Content.


Ultimate Ears (UE)

Ultimate Ears (UE) is one of the leading Audio device manufacturers in the world today. The parent company (Logitech) was founded in 1995 and Ultimate Ears company was acquired by Logitech in 2008. After that, UE has introduced various high quality and Durable Products into the Market. UE Portable Bluetooth Speakers are the most popular product in the market now. Hence, Millions of customers are using quality UE speakers and rated at the top level. The UE BOOM was the very first popular Bluetooth speaker of UE Speaker Series introduced in 2013.

There are 8 major UE Bluetooth speakers available in the market with various Functional and Price differences. So, you can add one of UE family members to your cart under your budget and feature requirements.

UE BOOM 2 Review 2020

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is the most-sold and top-rated Bluetooth speaker than other UE Speakers. It’s having a Portability and amazing design so you can go with music anywhere. Boom 2 was designed for rough use. Anyway if you are interested in comparing with other UE Speakers Please refer the UE Speaker comparison table.

UE BOOM 2: Sound Quality.

Boom 2 delivers the loudest, cleanest, genuine representation of the music. Specially Boom 2 having a loud 360-degree sound with deep bass makes your music experience better. And also Boom’s cylindrical design support delivers insanely great sound with deep, powerful bass in every direction–everywhere. The multi-directional speaker covers 90Hz to 20kHz frequency range with a Maximum Sound Level of 90Dba. However, If you want to increase the sound level, you can connect several Boom and MegaBoom devices for the APP.

UE BOOM 2: Waterproof and Drop test.

The most important factor of portable Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant and shock resistance. Because many of the travelling items always buy to hard use. Portable Boom 2 speaker has passed both of these tests and recommend for tuff use with adventures. Both UE Boom 2 and Megaboom devices are rated by IPX7-waterproof standards. It means waterproof up to 30 minutes and a depth of one meter. IPX7 is a general rating method for portable electronics that are designed for use outdoors purposes. Hence, you can use Boom 2 in Rain, muddy and shower, snow, bath or pool……etc.

The Boom’s cylindrical body design and solid plastic materials will support to absorb the shock and hard use. Even more Boom 2 checked by ‘drop-proof’ from up to five feet too. Consequently, you can keep the speaker where ever you go.


UE boom 2 Bluetooth speakers battery life and charger REVIEW with Comparison 2020 15 hrs and can be replaced the battery
UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers Battery Life and Charger Review 2020

UE Boom 2 has powered by a non-removable Lithium-Ion battery (3200 mAh) and will provide up to 15 Hours of continues Battery Life. (Real battery life hours will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions). So, Boom 2 has reliable Rechargeable batteries and can be charged by USB port. Usually, all rechargeable batteries are having a limited number of charging cycles. In my market review research discovered that Boom charging cycles would run up to one and a half years under general use.

Although UE Boom 2 says it has a Non-removable Lithium-Ion battery. If you want you can replace the battery with small technical knowledge. And also if you already have a Boom 2 which is exceeded charging cycle count, you can replace the battery with following instructions. Read More

BOOM 2 Battery Replacement

Otherwise, You can Buy The Replacement Battery From eBay.

UE Boom 2: Bluetooth range

Boom 2 Portable speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 standard and it lets you wirelessly connect to your Laptop, Mac, Apple phone, Any smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices within a 100-ft range or 30M.

So, Boom 2’s NFC technology allows you to pair your NFC-compatible device with a simple tap. If you still use an MP3 player or iPod? Use the 3.5mm audio output port to connect music players without any wireless method. (Bluetooth or NFC).

UE Boom 2: Designed Colors.

UE Boom 2 has a wide range of funky colour set with different names. Ones: Tropical (purple and orange), Green Machine (green and blue), Brain Freeze (blue), Cherry bomb (red), Yeti (white), Phantom (grey and black), Urban Explorer (Black and white), Deep Radiance, Marina, Obsidian, Magenta, Meteor 2020
Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Designed Colors 2020

Boom 2 has a wide range of funky color set with different names. Ones: Tropical (purple and orange), Green Machine (green and blue), Brain Freeze (blue), Cherry bomb (red), Yeti (white), Phantom (grey and black), Urban Explorer (Black and white), Deep Radiance, Marina, Obsidian, Magenta, Meteor….etc.

Where Can we use UE Boom 2?

  1. Home or office.
UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker for Home or office use 2020

Yes, you can use Boom 2 as a personal music partner. If you want to listen to music during your day to day work, Boom 2 will become your music assistant. Wherever you are, and whatever you do will not case for Boom 2. Even you are in Shower, Bathing: hot tub or while Driving in a car. And also Boom 2 has mostly recommended for dance teachers.

music during your day to day work, Boom 2 will become your music assistant. Wherever you are, and whatever you do will not case for Boom 2. Even you are in Shower, Bathing: hot tub or while Driving in a car. And also Boom 2 has mostly recommended for dance teachers.

  2. Outdoor functions (PARTY or CAMPING or EVENTS)

UE boom 2 Bluetooth speaker for outdoor events like camping, hiking, adventure party 2020

Of course, you can use Boom 2 as personal music partner. During your day to day work, if you want to listen to music Boom 2 will become your music assistant. Wherever you are, and whatever you do will not case for Boom 2. Even you are in Shower, Bathing: hot tub or while Driving in a car. And also Boom 2 has mostly recommended for dance teachers. Portability and wireless technologies always make life easier. The boom is fully Resistible for intense use. (Water-proof, dirt-proof, and shockproof.) So, when you are travelling anywhere (even camping, hiking, pool party or adventure) you can bring Boom 2 and will bring awesome music experience for you.

PartyUp:  from UE APPs allows you to wirelessly connect more than 150 Ultimate Ears speakers and Amplify the Party (BOOM, BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM speakers…. likewise). Therefore you can Amplify your party than other sound systems can do. Read more..

UE BOOM 2 Specifications

Product Dimensions (Height * Length* Depth)  7 Inch (17.78 cm) * 2.5 Inch (6.35 cm) * 2.5 Inch (6.35 cm)
Item Weight 1.2 pounds or 548g
Warranty 1-2 years limited warranty.
Connectivity USB
Battery Life Up to 15 Hours (3200 mAh – Li-ion)
Battery  1 Non-universal Lithium-ion,Rechargeable 
Charge time  2.5 hours
Operating System Compatibility:  Android, Apple iOS
Electronics General Compatibility IPad Tablets, iPhone Cell Phones, Android Phones, All Bluetooth Devices
Material Plastic, rubber
Item model number 984-000551
App LinkAndroid Download
Apple Download

Check These VIDEOS


UE BOOM 2 – The 360-Degree With Insanely Great Sound

UE BOOM 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW

UE BOOM 2 Prices.

The Price range of Boom 2 is 100$- 110$. When comparing with other Portable Bluetooth devices Boom 2 is cheap. And also, UE has produced as high-quality low priced Bluetooth speaker with a 2-year warranty.

Otherwise, you can buy a few years old (used) factory refurbished one from Amazon as well. The factory refurbished Boom 2s will be less than 30$ from brand new Boom 2s. And those Certified refurbishers will give you a 90-day warranty.


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UE MEGABOOM (vs Boom 2) Review 2020

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Bluetooth speakers reviews with specification comparison 2020
UE MEGABOOM portable Bluetooth speaker review and comparison 2020

UE MEGABOOM is one of the other top-rated and most sold Portable Bluetooth speakers in the market today. When we are comparing, with UE Boom 2 vs UE Megaboom both of the products almost the same. But some of the improvements available in the Megaboom (Like sound quality, size..). Those major improvements are,

  • More Loudness and Bass
  • Battery Life up to 20 Hours (More than 5Hrs)
  • SIZE Height 8.86 Inch (More Hight -1.76 Inch)
  • Weight 877g (More 329 g)
  • Price (More than 20-40 $)
  • Colors (No Bulk colors like Boom 2)

All most every feature is entirely similar to UE Boom 2. Please check the following comparison table. Major Benefit of this Mageboom is High Sound (Loudness) and extra running Hours. Size and weight also have been increased. Price also increased from 20$-40$.  In this case, the sound is the major factor,

Please listen to the difference between UE boom 2 and Megaboom,

Sound Comparison of UE Megaboom VS UE Boom2

Size Different of UE Boom vs UE Megaboom

UE MegaBOOM Bluetooth speaker SIZE Comparison with Boom 2 2020
UE MegaBOOM Bluetooth speaker SIZE Comparison with Boom 2 2020

Under that same Volume level, you will see some Loudness than UE Boom. But it is not quite a lot. Comparing all the above Sound, Running, Hours, size, weight and price points, Believe that Boom 2 is better than Megaboom.
However, if you want more sound and running time, you can select UE Megaboom as your Portable music partner.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE Megaboom Review” description=”UE Megaboom is best for gathering like Parties, Campings. For the self-use, UE Boom 2 is better.” criterias=”Design N Size:8;Price:8.5;Sound Quality:8.5;Battery Life:8.5;;” pros=”High volume-Quality Sound.;Simple and easy connection and decent Bluetooth range.;;;” cons=”Size and Weight is more than Boom 2;no Alexa-compatibility.;Price higher than Boom 2;;;” ]


Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker specification comparison and reviews 2020 (wonderboom vs Boom 2)
UE WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker review and comparison 2020

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a cheapest and quality portable Bluetooth speaker in the portable speaker market today. Designing the shape of Wonderboom different from other UE speakers. Because it is shorter and rounded shaped like a small pebble. Comparing with Boom 2 speaker some features of Wonderboom has been reduced. Please check the below feature differences or final feature comparison table.

  • Reduced Loudness and Bass: Maximum sound level: 86 dB. , Frequency range: 80 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Battery life only up to 10 hours. (Reduced from 5hrs)
  • SIZE Height 4 Inch      (Reduced Height -3 Inches)
  • WONDERBOOM doesn’t have an app.
  • No Party Up mode.
  • Weight 425 g  (Reduced 123 g)
  • Price 50$-80$ (less than 20-40 $)
  • Can only pair 8 devices simultaneously
  • No speakerphones.
  • Alarm Clock.
  • Charge time: 2.8 hrs. (Get more 0.3 hrs)

UE Wonderboom is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available for a low price. It has quality Loudness and Bass than other portable Bluetooth speakers (without UE Speakers) in the market. Like all other UE portable speakers, Wonderboom also has the same basic features. (waterproof,100ft Bluetooth range, 1-2 years warranty, more than +10 color selections.). But Wonderboom doesn’t even have a 3.5mm input, as the only physical connection on the Wonderboom is its micro-USB charging port.


UE WONDERBOOM Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE Wonderboom Review ” description=”UE Wonderboom is a best portable Bluetooth speaker for an affordable price with good sound quality and nice design. Especially waterproofed and recommended for rough use.” criterias=”Sound Quality: 8;Size N Design: 8.5;Price: 8.5;Battery: 7.5;;” pros=”Great sound for the size;Rugged (Dirt, rain, dropping by accident);Simple and easy connection and decent Bluetooth range;Neat design for blending in with furniture;;” cons=”No indication of Battery Capacity ;No AUX port (If you want to directly connect it to something via wire);Buttons can be a nuisance (hard to press);Low battery life compared with Boom 2;;” ]

UE BOOM 3 (vs Boom 2)

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker specification reviews and comparison 2020
UE BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker review and comparison 2020

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is the latest version of UE Boom 2. Boom 3 has several improvements in Boom 2. Especially, This Boom 3 designs as a super-portable wireless speaker for adventure. Following new features available in Boom 3 now,

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker Dimensions/Size specification reviews and comparison 20
  • More balanced 360° Bold Sound + Deep Bass
  • Extended Bluetooth range – 45m /150 Ft (More 50Ft)
  • Waterproof (IP67) + Floats
  • one-touch music controls (Play, pause and skip tracks)
  • Weight 608 g ( More than 60 g) 
  • Charge Wirelessly with POWER UP
  • Supper awesome design.
  • Height: 184 mm (7.2”) – Diameter: 73 mm (2.8”)
  • Magic button for plays pauses or skip
  • Price 150$- 180$ (Increased 50$-80$)
  • For more refer the Comparison table.

UE Boom 3 has a nice and attractive design and that was designed for fully hard use. Boom 3 is a waterproof speaker and Floats (move easily on the surface of a liquid). Extended Bluetooth range (more 50ft) and Wireless charging feature are the most valuable functions of Boom 3 than Boom 2. But Battery life (15 Hrs) of the Boom 3 is the same as the UE boom 2 or less and also the price is higher than 50$-80$ Boom 2. 1-2 years warranty.  Under our research review of Boom 3, we discovered that Boom 2 is still better than Boom3. On your side, you can analyze all the above factors with your needs.


UE BOOM 3 Review (With BOOM 2)

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE BOOM 3 Review ” description=”UE BOOM 3 is the updated version of the Boom 2. It has introduced some important updates like Bluetooth range, Sound Quality, Waterproof-IP67 test… Boom 3 is a high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker in the market ” criterias=”Sound Quality: 9;Size N Design: 8.5;Price: 8;Battery: 8.5;;” pros=”Supersound;15 hours between charges ;IP67 water and dustproof rating;Floats;45m wireless range;Customizable EQ;;” cons=”No 3.5mm Jack;Fewer Color Selections;High Price Than Boom 2;;” ]

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_history groups=”Boom 3″]

[content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_alert groups=”Boom 3″]

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UE Blast vs Boom 3: Quick Comparison 2020

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is one of the greatest Portable Bluetooth speakers and It is the current new edition of BOOM speaker series. UE BLAST is the best smart Portable Speaker that also produced by a well-known Logitech company.

When comparing both of these speakers can see BOOM 3 has only Bluetooth connectivity with low wireless coverage [ 150ft vs Blast 330 ft | No WI-FI ] and also No Alexa smart voice control compatibility (BLAST Workover Echo or Echo Dot and Siri, Google Now ). The price of BOOM 3 ( $150 ) is also more expensive than BLAST ( $85 ). But BOOM 3 also has its unique feature like more battery life (15 hours) than BLAST (12 hrs). And also BOOM 3 can be connected with 150+ BOOM or MEGABOOM speakers.


In short, BOOM 3 is better for rough use than BLAST like outdoor functions ( Camping, Adventure, Sports, Travelling, Pool party ). Because BLAST has designed to work as a SMART Home device.

UE ROLL 2 (vs Boom 2)

UE ROLL 2 review and comparison in 2020 best Bluetooth speaker
UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Comparison 2020

The UE Roll 2 is the smallest and low priced portable Bluetooth speaker available from UE speaker set. Because Roll 2 made for low budget users but it generates high-quality sound than other cheapest portable speakers in the market. But comparing with Boom 2 there are some features has removed from Roll 2. Here is the all added and removed specification,

  • Sound delivery frequency range (65Hz)
  • Up to 9-hour battery (reduced than 6 Hrs)
  • No NFC Touch Pairing
  • No Speakerphone Mic
  • 45mm shorter (135mm vs 180mm)
  • 330 g (Less from 218g)
  • Charging Time 5.5 Hrs (More 3 hours, No Battery Indicator)
  • Price 50$ – 90$ (reduced than 20$-50$)
  • For more refer the Comparison table.

All the other features (Waterproof, Bluetooth range, Warranty period, USB ports, control panel) are included in UE Roll 2 as other UE speakers. By this review, you will see differences between Roll 2 and Boom 2. Boom 2 is still made better performance.

On the other hand, when we comparing UE Wonderboom and UE Roll 2 you will understand Wonderboom has more features. But it doesn’t mean UE Roll 2 is a bad speaker. Because it is the quality, smallest and cheapest Portable Bluetooth speaker in the market than other Bands.


UE Roll 2 Video review 2020

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE ROLL 2 Review ” description=”UE Roll 2 is one of the smallest Portable Bluetooth speaker available for a cheap price. It doesn’t have more advanced features like Booms But Roll 2 has more quality features that other Bluetooth speakers don’t have.” criterias=”Sound Quality: 7;Size N Design: 7;Price: 9;Battery: 8;;” pros=”Lightweight and portable.;Low price.;Better Rough use;;;” cons=”Bass is slightly weak & Can sound tinny;Low Battery Life ;Old Version;;” ]

UE MEGABOOM 3 (vs Boom 2)

UE MEGABOOM 3 review and comparison in 2020 best Bluetooth speaker
UE MEGABOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Comparison 2020

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is Mega level portable Bluetooth speaker that presents a high-quality immersive music experience for you.  It has the latest stylish design and builds as little bigger than Boom 2. Megaboom 3 is also an extended version of Megaboom 2. The following functionalities are the different specifications between UE Megaboom 3 and UE Boom 2.

  • Larger, louder sound and stronger bass. (Enhanced passive radiator /Stereo pairing)
  • Massive 20-hour* battery life. (Extended from 5Hrs)
  • Bluetooth Range 45m (Increased from 15m)
  • Most stylish design
  • Compatible with the UE App and Equalizer
  • Waterproof (IP67) and floats in water
  • Power Up charging dock into your basket (sold separately)
  • Height: 225 mm (8.8”), Diameter: 87 mm (3.4)
  • Weight: 925 g (More 377g)
  • 4.2 Bluetooth version (4.0 —> 4.2)
  • Magic button for Plays, Pauses or Skip
  • Four standard colors and two special edition colors
  • Price 150$-200$ (More 50$-100$)
  • For more refer the Comparison table.

As well as, Supper iconic cylindrical design of UE Megaboom 3 will support to deliver immersive, stereophonic audio that radiates in all directions. And also, Megaboom was designed for adventure purposes (rough use) that faced 25 rigorous durability tests including 1000s of button pushes, tumbles, drop tests and waterproof (IP67) tests and floats in water. Using the latest battery cell technology will power Megaboom 3 for high performance almost a full day(20Hour) on a single charge. If you want to connect many MEGABOOMs (BOOM 3, MEGABOOM, BOOM 2, BOOM 3) all to gather, you can use the app to pair 1-150 speakers at once and Get BOOM the sound of your party or any function. 

Comparing with Megaboom 3 vs Boom 2 we identified that Megaboom 3 has the latest technologies and higher performance than Boom 2. But the case is Megaboom more expensive (Almost doubled) than Boom 2. So, you can select any of these for your purposes.

Ultimate Ears MegaBoom 3 Review: Supper of Bass

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE MEGABOOM 3 Review ” description=”UE MEGABOOM 3 is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. It has a best sound and extended battery life. But comparatively, size is a bit bigger than Boom 2. So price also high.” criterias=”Sound Quality: 9;Size N Design: 8;Price: 8;Battery: 9.5;;” pros=”Great bass;Customizable EQ;IP67 water resistance;Exceptional battery life;;” cons=”No 3.5mm jack;Expensive straight from Ultimate Ears;;” ]

UE BLAST (vs Boom 2)

Ultimate Ears BLAST smart WiFi / Bluetooth speaker specification reviews and comparison 2020
UE BLAST smart Bluetooth Speaker Review and Comparison 2020

Ultimate Ears BLAST is one of the most quality Smartest Portable Bluetooth speakers in the market today. Because UE BLAST is voice-enabled (voice commands) smart speaker and that can function with Amazon Alexa Echo devices. So, you can use this to control smart home devices. When we comparing UE Blast Vs UE Boom2, there are some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Amazon Alexa voice control enabled. (Boom2 Doesn’t)
  • Amazing Design (Blast best and newer)
  • Bold/Immersive 360 Sound (Quite similar)
  • Wi-Fi (802.11n) – 330ft/ 100m (Boom2 Doesn’t)
  • Bluetooth Range – 150ft/45m (Boom2 100-ft range or 30m)
  • Battery Life – 12hours (Boom2 -More than 15Hours)
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs.(Boom2 – 1.2 lbs.)
  • Colors: Graphite, Bluesteel, Mojito, Merlot, Blizzard, Lemonade
  • Wireless charging
  • No Party UP Feature 
  • PRICE 100$- 150$ (Boom2 60$- 100$)

The voice commanding and Wi-Fi functions are the most important of the features of the UE Blast. But Battery lifetime and Price is not better than Boom 2. All the other features like WATERPROOF, DROP TEST,1-2 YEAR WARRANTY, DUST & SAND TESTavailable in Both Speakers. If you want more comparisons about UE Speakers Please Refer Comparison table.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”UE BLAST Review” description=”UE BLAST is the very latest SMART UE Bluetooth speaker released into the market. It has newly introduced features like Wi-Fi, Alexa connectivity, Highly optimized Sound…etc. But its battery life is only 12 Hrs. And also Higher priced. ” criterias=”Sound Quality:9;Size N Design:8;Price:7.5;Battery:8 ;” pros=”Alexa voice control;Wireless charging ;Wi-Fi enabled;;” cons=”Battery time low;Price high;;” ]

UE MEGABLAST (vs Boom 2)

Smart Portable Bluetooth & WI-FI Speaker.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST smart Bluetooth speaker specification reviews and comparison 2020
UE MEGABLAST Smart Bluetooth Speaker Review and Comparison 2020

UE MegaBLAST is the most quality, smartest and relatively bigger Ultimate Ears device in the market now. In short, UE MegaBLAST is an extended version of UE Blast and delivers the most amazing sound. It has improved some techniques than any other portable UE speaker. Comparing of UE MegaBLAST vs Boom 2,

  • Amazon Alexa voice control enabled. (Boom2 Doesn’t)
  • Amazing bigger Design
  • Super-loud 360° sound, Thundering and Boldest Bass
  • Wi-Fi (802.11n) – 330ft/ 100m (Boom2 Doesn’t)
  • Bluetooth Range – 150ft/45m (Boom2 has a 100-ft range or 30m)
  • Battery Life – 16hours (Boom2 – 15Hours)
  • Dimensions: 237 x 88mm (Boom 2 – 184 x 73mm)
  • Weight – 2.65 lbs. (Boom2 – 1.2 lbs.)
  • Wireless charging
  • No Party UP Feature 
  • PRICE 200$- 250$ (Boom2 100$- 110$)
  • For more refer the Comparison table.

UE Megablast has a super-loud 360° sound with high-quality Bass. It also has voice-enabled smart speaker features like small UE Blast. The battery life of MegaBlast has 1 hour than Boom 2. The price and Weight of UE Megablast nearly 3 times bigger than Boom 2. In our estimation Boom2 is better than Megablast. But everything is depending on your purposes.

SMART UE Megablast Speaker Review

Smart UE Blast vs MegaBlast Review.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Smart UE MEGABLAST Review” description=”UE MEGABLAST is the largest SMART UE Bluetooth & WI-FI speaker released to Portable speaker Market. It’s almost same to UE Blast. But MEgaboom is larger and has High Sound Quality.” criterias=”Sound Quality:9;Size N Design:7.5;Price:7;Battery:8.5;” pros=”;Alexa voice control;High Sound Quality;Wi-Fi enabled;16Hrs Battery ;” cons=”Size is Bigger;Price high;;” ]

UE HYPERBOOM Review 2020

ultimate ears HYPERBOOM Review 2020 - biggest Portable bluetooth speaker for parties under $400
UE HYPERBOOM Review 2020

UE HYPERBOOM is the newly released biggest & loudest Brandnew portable Speaker 2020 in the UE family. Hyperboom has specially designed for any Parties or outside functions. So now you no need to worry about connecting several UE Booms and boosting sound. Because UE Hyperboom has the best higher volume with extremely deep bass (six times bigger Bass than MEGABOOM 3), but if you want more, you can still connect another BOOM, MEGABOOM, or even HYPERBOOM.

You can play music from 4 devices. Hyperboom is very easy to switch one another with just a pressing a the button and connects via two Bluetooth in one auxiliary & optical input.

Specially, Hyper has integrated a supper rechargeable battery that can run all day (24 Hours) from one charging cycle. And also, it has an essay navigational touch-sensitive button set on the top for control the Sound quality. Otherwise, you can control using the BOOM APP (EQ). Like other Boom speakers, Hyperboom is also having SPLASH- PROOF & WATER-PROOF technology (IPX4). Hyper covers 45M (150ft) wireless Bluetooth range and it can be paired with 8 devices. 

Another vital fact is the HYPERBOOM can be used as a Power Bank (USB charge out) to charge USB Devices. HYPERBOOM has the best portability with 16.63 pounds Weights and size is also not much bigger (7.50 x 7.50 x 14.33 inches).

Anyhow, HYPERBOOM can’t access the Alexa via Wi-Fi and no Drop-proof, Dust, or Sand proof. Hyper only has Black color. So, under your finalized review decision, you can buy UE HYPERBOOM from $400 bucks.

UE HYPERBOOM Specifications

SOUNDSuper Extreme Bass
BLUETOOTH RANGE45 meters (150 feet)
WEIGHT13 pounds (5.9kg)
DIMENSIONS (H/W/D)14.33 inches (364mm) x 7.5 inches (190mm) x 7.5 inches (190mm)
Charging Hors2.6 Hours
Alexa compatibilityNo
Dust or Sand proof.No
Dock ChargingNo
Warranty2 Years

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UE HYPERBOOM vs JBL BOOMBOX vs SONOS MOVE comparison & review 2020
UE HYPERBOOM vs JBL BOOMBOX vs SONOS MOVE Comparison & Review 2020
SOUNDSuper Extreme BassMonstrous soundWide Studio sound.
BLUETOOTH RANGE45 m (150 feet)10m (33 Feet)10m (33 Feet)
BATTERY LIFE24 Hours24 Hours10 hours
WEIGHT13 lb (5.9kg)11.57 lb (5.25kg)6.61 lb (3 kg)
DIMENSIONS (H/W/D)14.33 x 7.5 x 7.5 In10.01 x 19.48 x 7.69 In9.44×6.29×4.96 inches
PAIR SPEAKERSBoom, Megaboom, HyperboomConnect+Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2
Charging Hors2.6 Hours6.5 Hours3 Hours
Wi-Fi RangeNoNo90 m
Dust or Sand proof.NoNoYes
Audio cable InputYesYesNo
Voice AssistantNoGoogle & SiriAlexa & Google
Power BankYesYesNo
Warranty2 Years1 Year2 Year
Price$400 [Buy]$400 [Buy]$400 [Buy]

Vedeo : UE HyperBoom vs JBL BoomBox Sound Test.


UE Bluetooth Speakers Comparison Chart

Here, you can see the comparison of all eight UE Bluetooth speakers as a summary chart. If it’s difficult to access the table/ chart clearly, you can see the comparison chart as all in ONE IMAGE.

Comparison table of Boom 2 vs Megaboom vs Wonderboom vs Boom 3 vs Roll 2 vs Megaboom 3 vs Blast vs Megablast.

You can scroll the table horizontally. And also you can highlight a particular Column or row in the table.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”1″ class=”hover-col1 center-table-align”]

Please leave comments and Ratings about your experiences of Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker. Your Response will big help for Other’s decision.

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