Top 10 Best ICE Cream Maker Machines 2020: Review & Comparison

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream And Gelato Maker If you have an ice cream maker it becomes convenient to make a dessert any time of the day. With Cuisinart ICE-100 you can choose the ingredients of your dessert. Cuisinart ICE-100 is fully automatic with commercial quality. All you need do is to put one mixture into a bowl while you prepare another one. This machine comes with its own recipe book. Within a few minutes, you can try wonderful flavours by following the recipes. The machine has its own ingredient spout through which can pour ingredients like nuts and chocolate chips.

The Cuisinart ICE-100 doesn’t come with too many parts. It has a mixing bowl, mixing paddles, transparent lid and base. The bowl that’s comes with the Cuisinart is a 1.5-quart capacity anodized aluminium, removable bucket. And there is a thin metal handle to remove the bowl from the main body easily. The bowl has two unique paddles for gelato and for creamy ice cream. Its lid is transparent, so, you can watch the inner process and see the progress of your mixture. It has 16.73×12×9.33 inches of dimension and 32 lbs of weight.

More importantly, any novice user can operate it easily.

  1. Prepare the ice cream mixture in a container, and place the mixing
    bowl into the base.
  2. Pour the mixture to the ICE-100 and then press the power button to
    turn on. Then set the timer.  Once you have pressed the power button the
    LCD Display should default to 60 minutes.
  3. Then pre-cool the ice cream maker, after churn and freeze the mixture
    in the Cuisinart ICE-100
  4. When the dessert is ready, transfer the finished ice cream to your
    freezer to harden.

 Indeed, this is a very good machine. And not only the ice cream, It can
also make great sorbet and gelato too.

Best Water Cooler Dispensers 2020- [Review & Comparison]

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water

Cooler Water Dispenser

The Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser is a
handsome looking machine. With 3 temperature settings and a self-
cleaning feature, the Brio Self Cleaning Water Cooler is designed for
serving filtered water on demand throughout the year. Hot or cold,
the triple dispenser system only needs a few minutes at the start of
the day to reach the perfect serving temperature. The smart water
cooler comes with special features. There are easy bottom load,
removable drip tray, unmatched quality, illuminate hydration, child-
safety lock and self-cleaning. Further this Brio Self Cleaning Water
Cooler comes pre-assembled, but there is some set up required. The
removable drip tray is made of BPA-free plastic and machine
washable. The attractive sleek finish is designed of superior quality
304 stainless steel, ensuring that you have only the finest cooler on
the market. The LED digital night light illuminates the dimmest
environment, so refill your cup late at night. Brio Self Cleaning
Bottom Loading Water Cooler keeps you and yours safe from any
accidental pouring of hot water.
The Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler has 44.9 x 17.2 x
14.2 inches dimension and 44.4 pounds weight. The cold tank has a
3.6 liter capacity, and the hot tank has a smaller 1 litter capacity, as is
typical for most water cooler dispensers. The cabinet has a 3- gallon
bottle capacity, loads from the front and is concealed by a stainless
steel door. A probe is inserted in to the water bottle and a pump
attaches to the mouth. Two separate tubes connect the water to the
hot and cold reservoirs housed at the top of the dispenser. However,
the Brio Water cooler dispensers are ranked among the top brands,
with glowing reviews for affordability and premium quality. In
particular, the Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler
Dispenser is a great choice for busy households, the office or gym.

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water


A quality water dispenser can save you hundreds of dollars each year in
bottled water, and provide you with healthy filtered drinking water on
demand. If you have been searching for the best water cooler dispenser,
you may already have come across the hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water
Dispenser, a very popular item on Amazon. The convenient bottom
loading design of this water cooler dispenser makes it easy to use in any
room. The water dispenser can help reduce carbon footprint and increase
your water consumption. The water cooler machine comes with special
key features. There are removable easy clean drip tray, energy star rated
with extra power control, protect your health & wealth, intuitive control
panel with night light and child safety lock feature. The drip tray is easily
removable if it becomes full, and can be rinsed clean with gentle soap and
warm water. Designed for ease of use, this attractive water cooler makes
a welcome addition to any home, office, gym or commercial space. The 3
temperature settings also make it extremely versatile and useful
throughout the year.

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser has 40.9 x 14.2 x 12.2 inches
dimension, 3 or 5-gallon bottle capacity, stainless steel housing accents
and 2-year warranty & money-back guarantee. The smart water cooler
dispenser with stainless steel door adds a modern touch to every water
cooler conversation and parties. The LED night light that helps you get
water during the night without opening any room light. The instant water
cooler dispenser also has a refill bottle alert to inform you when you need
to replenish the water bottle in the reservoir. So you can choose between
hot, cold and room temperature water. Although hOmeLabs isn’t leading
manufacturer of water coolers, they can be trusted for quality and value.
The easy set up and maintenance means you can enjoy the convenience
of filtered water for hot or cold beverages whenever you want, with the
least amount of hassle. So this hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water
Dispenser may be perfect choice for you!!

Best Portable Freezer 2020:12V Refrigerators for Camping, RV, Car, Trucks | Review & Comparison

Dometic CFX 35W 12v Electric Powered
Cooler, Fridge Freezer

The exterior itself is very durable it is fitted with re-enforced corners, stainless steel hinges, and a robust lid lining. Though it seems heavy, it weighs around 39 pounds. Flexible side handles on the sides make a hassle-free experience with the unit. The unit has dimensions of 27.2*15.7*16.2″ which can store up to 47 cans in it. The interior consists of pf two compartments equipped with a LED light and removable baskets.

Tee LED light to ensure minimal power consumption  This unit can freeze up to -7F but does not come with the fast freeze feature. In addition to having a USB port, led indicator, digital temperature display, and a drain plug, this comes with wifi connectivity to monitor and control the temperature using a WIFI app. The drain plugs make it easier for cleaning and keeping the unity tidy. 3 stage battery protection in the unit provides extra safety in case of any malfunction


Excellent cooling performance with minimum power consumption

Great customer service

Easy to Transport and lightweight


Users complain of issues ranging from complete failure to USB malfunction

Moneywise it is on the pricier side, 1000 dollars for a portable fridge is not an average person would expect.

COSTWAY Portable Car Refrigerator, –
14.8°F to 50°F, 48-Quart Compressor

The Costway portable refrigerator is a 48-quart unit that can store up to 66 cans. The unit price ranges from 400-500$ and it may be considered as a bang for the buck because it offers so many useful features. The portable refrigerator has a shockproof design with a metal build, making it ideal for a road trip on tough terrain. It comes with a capacity of 35 liters weighing around 40lbs. The stainless steel side handles are suitable for rugged use and easy moving of the unit. The LED display is located on the upper ridge consist of buttons to control the temperature and power. Below the indicator, there are 2 USB ports to charge any of your devices. The interior comes with separate compartments for freezing and cooling with wire baskets to avoid any impact on the cabinet.

The unit also consists of a bottom drain hole that can be extremely useful when you clean it, plus it has side storage to store any extra accessories you may need. The refrigerator can cool itself up to -14.8F and it is equipped with 2 unique cooling modes the fast cooling mode and the eco cooling mode to suit your needs. The mute design of the refrigerator keeps the noise at a very low range of 45db.


Great features for the price

Extra accessories

Fast and eco cooling mode

Horizontal king style chest which uses much less space when opening


Heavyweight and maneuvering may require more than one person